Summer Hair – be fabulous at festivals!

Festival season is finally upon us and here at Goody we’ve made the very important decision to look fabulous. They’ll be no festival frump for us – we refuse to drag ourselves around in the mud with bedraggled locks, when it is possible to achieve superstar summer hair in a few easy steps. 

Our advice is to go with the flow and make the best of any weather conditions the heavens can throw at you – there’s always a simple summer hair style that you can rock and make your own. 

Here are our top tips:

Don’t wash! Everyone gets paranoid about not keeping up with their daily cleaning ritual at a festival but it’s actually better to style your hair when it’s slightly dirty – it provides better hold for your summer hair style

  • Choose simple styles that won’t get in your way – you can still look great without having a super-styled ‘do. One of our favourite summer hair styles is the ‘fat plait’ – a trend seen on the catwalks and celebrity circuit this summer: loosely pull your hair into a low plait at the side of your head and tie with an Ouchless elastic. Tug at the hair slightly to give a messy look – you’ll look stunning but people will think you’ve just rolled out of your sleeping bag!
  • For emergency hairstyle changes, keep a pack of Goody Bobby Pins in your purse and a Gel Purse Brush from the Start, Style, Finish range  – these pocket-sized products are the perfect remedy when you are tight on space and time so you can play with your hair on the go
  • When you’re packing up your tent and making the treacherous trek back to your car, you don’t want your hair to get in the way. You can’t carry your bags AND flick your fringe out of your eyes after all! For summer hair you don’t need to worry about, try the StayPut range of elastics and headbands from Goody. They use innovative rubber-tread technology  known as StayPut Hold™ to provide 52 per cent more hold than traditional elastics – preventing them from slipping or rolling out of the hair

Get playing and see what you can come up with. Viva la festival!

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